Build A Website For Free No Coding Required

The full power of WordPress, the worlds most popular website engine is now available to anyone.
Before, unless you could code, your site was limited to the customisations that the theme developer allowed. The colours, the fonts and maybe small adjustments to the layout. 
But not anymore…..

The Easy Equation

This is the heading

WordPress plus Elementor equals a powerful combination of tools for making beautiful webpages.

Elementor it's the most advanced drag & drop page builder. Any theme, any page.

Other page builders are available but none have the kind of functionality that Elementor has for free.


Daunting as it may first seem WordPress is not difficult to use. If you can use a word processor such as Microsoft’s Word, then you can build webpages. Couple that with the drag and drop functionality of Elementor and your pages will be stunning. 

WordPress User

You know your way around WordPress, but maybe you’re frustrated with how your site looks because you are constrained by whatever theme you are using. To make major changes beyond what the theme allows means having to learn code. Elementor gives you the ability to change and tweak your site without having to see, let alone write any code.


Getting your designs perfect is time consuming and expensive for your clients. 
By using Elementor you can become more productive  and more competitive within your given market. 


Like WordPress, Elementor is Open Source Software with over 1 million installs across the web. 
It seems that this is the future of web development, maybe it’s time to get aboard.

Simple Drag & Drop Editing

Having total control over how your page looks isn’t easy on a standard WordPress install without spending hours tweaking the CSS code.

With the help of Elementor the necessary code is produced for you, all you do is enter values or adjust sliders. 

Get Creative In 3 Easy Steps


Click the Register button below and choose a username, fill in your email address and the name for your site.

A confirmation email will arrive soon after in your inbox.


Login to your new account with the details sent to you.

Watch the getting started videos and familiarise yourself with what’s what.


Get creative and build your site.

From a simple blog to a full blown e-commerce store can be built with the variety of tools that are available to you.

I will host your site during the 30 days free trial while you build it and test it out on this server after which you can purchase a transfer package, domain and hosting from the shop and install the site  to your new hosting account.


Why would you bother doing this when you could get hosting and install both WordPress and Elementor yourself?

You’re quite welcome to, but why not use the same platform that it was built on, safe in the knowledge that everything will work as soon as it’s installed.
I have spent a considerable amount of time making sure that all the components available to you work together without conflict. Not in itself hard to do but time consuming, a process that broke the site many times before I got it right. So the pain of that happening to you has been taken away.

Why only 30 days?

30 days is heaps of time to learn how and to build a website from scratch using WordPress and Elementor by following the tutorials included within the admin area of your account.
Also if you’re serious about your site you’ll want to have your own domain name rather than something ending with 

Anytime during the 30 days you have the option to move your site to anywhere you wish by purchasing a transfer package from the shop. Obviously I would be over the moon if you decided to host it with me, but you are free to do what you like with your site. The transfer package is your site made into an easy installer that can be uploaded to any server and simply installed from a web browser.

If you have any questions, comments, or need help, use the form below to get in touch. 


My name is Paul Stagg, known to a few as the idiot who plays a wooden box, a broom handle, and length of string in a band called the Tea n Biscuit Boys, rather than a wannabe computer geek, click HERE to book us.

But when I’m not doing that I build and host websites and do computer repairs. My hosting services can be found HERE on my sister site.

Back in the day if you wanted to build your own website you had a few choices:

  • Build pages in a word processor and save them as html.
  • Build pages using the very expensive Adobe or equivalent software.
  • Learn to code and build from scratch.

The word processor route was a nightmare, the pages never rendered right in a browser.

The expensive software was just that, expensive and a non starter.

And so I learnt how to code. – Correction I learnt how to read and understand code, so I could copy and paste it together to get the desired effect. I never had the brain power to remember the different syntax for each of the programming languages that make up a website.

The Internet was littered with pieces of code people gave away for free and so with copy and paste I was able to make basic templates that content could be added to. But it had to be added at code level and was static, a massive drawback.


I then had dalliances with  Drupel and Joomla – both content management systems (CMS) and I thought all my Christmas’ had come at once. Content was added via a word processor in a back office while the front end was automatically controlled by the program, sheer bliss. 

I fell upon WordPress by accident. I was asked by someone if I knew how to do some alterations. I hadn’t a clue, but said “Yes, no problem.”

So I installed it on my server and gave myself a 12 hour crash course in how it worked by reading everything I could find about it. I sorted out the chaps site and decided from then on to hitch my wagon to WordPress.

WordPress on it’s own is fantastic and can be used out of the box and isn’t hard to use. However if you’re after more than what comes installed with your chosen theme, then until now you would have to either pay for someone like me to make changes or learn to do it yourself.

This site is called Web Page Design Program because that’s what’s on offer an easy to use page builder that doesn’t require you to know anything about coding. Watch the quick tour video and then click the button below and take it for a test spin.